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The adult courses offer you a wide range of French courses designed to suit every need and availability.
Our general French courses are taught using a communicative and action-oriented approach and our curriculum is structured according to the six-tiered Common European Framework of Reference for Languages , an internationally recognised standard for describing language proficiency.




Start speaking French from day one and build a solid foundation in French!
You will learn simple expressions and start to acquire the basic vocabulary needed for everyday situations. Through interactive activities, texts, and course books you will develop your skills in French in the four core areas: speaking, reading, writing and listening.


At the Intermediate level, learn sentences and frequently used expressions related to everyday life and practice speaking and reading comprehension. Authentic situational exercises introduce you to the structure and use of the language in everyday life so that you can enjoy conversations with native speakers.


At this level, you will fine-tune challenging vocabulary, analyze advanced texts, and practice articulating in-depth thoughts. Also :
– Understand a wide range of demanding texts & recognize linguistic subtleties in order to express yourself fluently & spontaneously
– Learn to use language flexibly and effectively for social, academic & professional purposes
– Produce clear, well-structured, detailed texts on complex subjects, showing controlled use of organizational patterns, connectors & cohesive devices.

In partnership with Gymglish, Alliance Française Seychelles offers you fun and personalized online language courses:
Frantastique for beginners & intermediate levels, and Frantastique Ortho for native speakers.

Our goal: your motivation, participation and progress.

Le programme en bref

Beginners :

Twice per week (2x1hr)
Days : Tuesday & Thursday 8am – 9am
Duration : from January 28, to April 9 (so 22 hours of class)


Twice per week (2×1:30hr)
Days : Monday & Friday 4:30pm-6pm
Duration : from January 27, to April 3 (so 30 hours of class)

Intermediate :

Twice per week (2x1hr)
Days : Monday & Friday 5pm – 6pm
Duration : from January 28, to April 9 (so 22 hours of class)

Advanced :

once per week (1x2hr)
Day : Saturday 1pm-3pm
Duration : from February 1, to April 4

Dates are indicative and may be modified.

Adults A1 (22 hours class): 1500 / 2000 SCR
Adults A1-B2 (30 hours class): 2000 SCR
Adults C1-C2 : 2000 SCR

Textbook (Manuel Alter Ego +) : 500 SCR

Fees don’t include Textbook and one year student membership.

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